internal vs. custom mkgmap styles


Just one stupid question: If I use a custion mkgmap-style, will the internal default style will do anything?

A few months ago I noticed that the creator of the All-In-One-map removed the rules that assigned the road_speed according to the maxspeed-value. He answered my question, why he did this, with that the internal style of mkgmap will care about the road_speed. Is this correct, or is there somethin hardcoded besides the default-style?


You can choose to “import” the default style into a custom style, so that any changes to the default style (as mkgmap gets new revisions) are reflected in your custom style without you having to manually copy them over. I’ve never needed to do this, but I’m sure someone will be along to tell you how to do it.

Note that by default, the default style is not used if you specify a custom style using the mkgmap --style-file=foo switch.