Interlaced (Gauntlet) track in tramline

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I have a question about railway-related tags. You may know, tramways are tagged like this:

Now, there is a huge construction in our capital (Budapest) to make tramlines more connected. There is a bridge under which is very little space, and trams from both directions have to pass this short section under that bridge. They designed a gauntlet or interlaced track, which will be built. Wikipedia:

So the question is: shuld it be mapped as a single track?
Is there a proposed or already accepted tag for these kinds of track?

SO far I cannot deliver you a no or yes solution,

but according to the quoted wikipedia article:

can you identify where some of those picturtes are taken? Can you find those places in OSM? (If yes, post a permalink here)

If yes: how are rails tagges there so far?

The “Crich Tramway Museum” example is under this bridge:

The person that mapped it is the local go-to person for all things tram and railway - you could perhaps try asking them.

I have found one in Praha:
It is tagged as a single track.

An other one in Amsterdam:
Mapped as a single way, with highway=pedestrian too.

The Gemmenicher tunnel is mapped the following way: two separate ways each representing a single railway track.

I would map them as two separate ways if it is impossible for trains to switch from one track to the other (so that logically they are independent, separate tracks which simply happen to overlap), and as one track only if one can change between them on both ends, so that logically the tracks are connected.

Thank you for answering me fast, I would go with your idea, you are right.

There is one in Kaufungen, Germany where trains and trams share a section of track, this is how i’ts mapped:
Two ways very close to eachother, i think this is the best way to do it.

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Mee too. The interlaced section in Helsinki on Mikonkatu is mapped this way. Something should be done mapping the tracks on Drottninggatan in Norrköping, Sweden since the tracks are interlaced between S:t Persgatan and Prästgatan.

The original question was on interlaced track on a bridge. As an example I give you the section between Haparanda station in Sweden and Tornio station in Finland with interlaced tracks including two bridges. The difference between the standard gauge and Finnish broad gauge is too narrow allowing three-railtrack-operation. If you map both different gauged tracks as separate tracks + bridge, the result is OSM showing two separate parallell bridges. So the problem with interlaced tracks on bridges remains unsolved.

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You got me a bit wrong, the interlaced section is under a bridge.
Something like a plan:
The interlaced section is the one which is shown as a single track - this plan focuses more on roads than the actual tram.