INT reroute near the Dead Sea and Arad

The SPNI have finally published the reroute mapping data of the INT near the Dead Sea and Arad.
I plan on updating the OSM data according to their maps later today, but I was wondering how I should mark the current (old) INT route. Are there any specific tags I should keep or change? Should I create a new “Old INT” relation for it? What would make the most sense from OSM perspective, and also from the IHM rendering rules?

Another thing - I think the old INT still remains as a valid, official, INT option for at least a year. So I guess it should be marked as a relation somehow.

Shouldn’t OSM map the actual situation “on the ground”?

That is - if the new route is marked on the ground and is walkable, map it. If not, don’t.

I don’t see a point in leaving the old route (if you think it’s really important, I’d rename it “old INT route” but not have any relation.)

Well, the old route is also marked “on the ground”, and is walkable. So some people might want to actually hike it.

I have already made the change last week. I kept the “Old INT” as a separate relation that is marked as lwn. I think the current rules of the IsraelHikingMap website do not mark it in any special way in their tiles. But that can be easily fixed with a different label and/or a special rule for this old INT route.

The main question is whether the new route is already marked and walkable. I think it should only be mapped if it is.