Instituut voor huiswerkbegeleiding: hoe te taggen?

Ik ben bezig alle ontbrekende winkels en horeca in de Haarlemse winkelstraat Cronjéstraat toe te voegen. Nu kom ik een bijles- en huiswerkbegeleidingscentrum tegen en ik heb geen idee hoe dat getagd moet worden. Iemand tips? Het gaat om

Misschien gewoon office=tutoring?

Most educational features are mapped as amenity=* , so I’d say

amenity=tutoring (existing 62 times so far)
amenity=tutoring_center (6 times)

(depending on the size of the institution) would be a good choice.

There’s also amenity=prep_school which might fit?

It seems there’s office=tutoring which also might fit for such case.

To be honest, since non of these tutoring-related tags have been through a proposal, I believe a proper proposal should be done, for a discussion to occur as to the most proper tag, because exactly it isn’t clear what to use as all are very similar.

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lukask99 has already put that in and there is a wikipage for it, but imho the key office=* is inconsistent to the education issue als all kinds of schools go under amenity=*.

I agree, so we are looking forward for a volunteer to set up the proposal … :wink:

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