Installing the OSM maps into Basecamp on a mac

I just got a mac and installed basecamp from the Appstore - this seems to be a replacement for roadtrip. When I requested a routeable map from

Your request for a routable Garmin map on is ready.

The server has generated four different configurations of your map:

  • osm_routable_mapsource.exe = Installer for Garmin MapSource (Windows).
  • = Installer for Garmin RoadTrip (Mac OSX)
  • = Combined image for direct manual placement on the GPS device (gmapsupp.img)
  • = A zip file containing the tiles in the request, especially useful for Linux users (e.g. QLandkarte)

It does not mention anything about basecamp. I used a VM running winxp and mapsource to do the dirty - when my unit is p[lugged in to the mac and bascamp runs it can read and view the map of hte unit - but as soon as the unit is unplugged the maps are not avaialble.

I tried copying the gmapsup.img off my sd card and inpporting it to basecamp but it fails

How do i get the maps into basecamp so I can transfer them to my Nuvi 200 using just the mac and basecamp. Or shoudl I try and find Roadtrip and isntall that so long.


You can use with MapManager for the Mac, if that wont work you can try to install it with Javawa’s GMTK, ( or Javawa’s Mapconverter ( in combination with

You can plug in your garmin and make a .dmg (using “Disk Utility”) from the SD-Volume (called “NO NAME” on my setup). Store this .dmg somewhere on your hard drive and double click (=mount) it prior to starting base camp.
There you have the maps. :slight_smile: