Installing Nominatim on new Ubuntu 20 server


I have installed a fresh new Ubuntu 20 server on my machine. I am following this guide to install Nominatim on my machine

I have followed the guide with no issues until I get to this point

chmod a+x $USERHOME

I get the following error when I execute the command above

chmod: changing permissions of '/srv/nominatim': Operation not permitted

By not being able to change the permissions for /srv/nominatim, I can not run command like wget to download the source in the /srv/nominatim directory.

One approach is to change the user to the nominatim username instead changing the permission with chmod a+x $USERHOME

What approach is everyone taking?

Hi New Member,
I have recently installed myself and have seen the same element. I did the install on CentOS, but the command is the same.
I am thinking the instruction is either meant to be executed as nominatim or under root privileges. Can’t recall which one I did.
However that cleared it for me.

Take care