install problem with ofm belnelux full 28/03/2018

can not install my full version zip 28/3/2018 on my garmin edge 800
use a blank sd card and have file directly on card copied after unzip download


You need to copy the img file in a garmin folder, not straight on the card.
Also make sure the micro sd card is formatted in fat32 format. Some fast sd cards are formatted in exfat and Garmin does not support this format.

FAT32 means you’re limited to a maximum file size of 4GiB. I don’t know if the zip file or any of the unpacked contents come even close to that limit, but it is a problem that bit me in the past (different type of download onto a USB memory stick), so it’s a potential problem to be aware of.

Garmin maps are also limited to 4 Gb. This OFM Benelux has a size <1 gb.