Install OpenStreetMap Server on Win7

Dear all

I want to install OpenStreetMap Server on Win7.
I had install postgreSQL 、PostGIS and import map data use osm2pgsql successfully
But I am struggling for install mapnik、TileMile and tilestache.
My TileMile can’t export mapnik style sheet and I don’t know how to configure tilestache.
Can someone give some suggestion for me to solve the probile?

Thank you very much!

As I don’t know what you have tried so far in detail, I can only recommend to do an internet search for phrases like “tilemill on windows” … it seems that there are some tutorials or how-tos.

Tell us in detail where you get stuck or what error occures.

PS: it is Tilemill

I’m sure that it’s not the answer that you’re looking for, but if by “OpenStreetMap Server” you mean a rendering server, and you’re just looking for something to experiment with on a windows box, it’ll be far quicker to install Ubuntu in a VM on there and set that up as following e.g. the “manual server on Ubuntu 14.04” instructions. Another option (which I’ve not tried) might be Cygwin.

That’s not to say that it would be impossible to cobble together something on Windows that does the job (I’ve never done anything with TileStache, but a quick RTFM suggests it ought to be flexible enough to fit in with whichever Windows webserver you’re using, even if only via CGI!). There’s a previous help answer here:

that goes into a bit more detail, and explains what bits definitely work on Windows. TileMill (the original non-hosted version) does work on Windows, so if you just want ad-hoc rendering of a small area that might be enough for you. I never had the “overflowing stylesheet tabs” problem mentioned in SK53’s answer perhaps the external editor that I use (which you will need if you have lots of tabs) is file type agnostic, and anyway that issue is apparently closed now.

Also perhaps worth mentioning is - a similar sort of thing to TileMill, but perhaps under more active development. I can’t comment on Windows support though.