insta 360 / VR glasses

Hello, in need to work in a private street view project and i’m like to use openstreetcam. I need to know some issues:

  1. Can i import Insta 360 pro data (with GPS) instead cell app? how?
    If yes, what is the cam configuration needed?

  1. i need to work in sign detection, and others, i saw some usefull functions to semi-automate sign classification; i need to
    know if i can export this signs in a report.

  2. I like to use VR360 lens to see/show streets in action, is this possible with OpenStreetCam viewer?

  3. Regarding usage, i plan to use in commercial version (with my logo), anyway to install my own Openstreetcam Server?
    or what is the best way / good practices to do this?

Thank you very much for your help