is there anybody, how take a look at this website?

i think there may be free data, that could help us to complet the map in some areas.

try at the website:
quicklink: INSPIRE Metadata Catalogue

than do a quick search to:
“JPL World Map Service”
(with the “”)

there you get a catalog and you can look for details and under “Use limitation” the is a “keine” (german)

then you can click to mapclient and you can have a look to the data.

is it posible to build in these images as an background in potlatch or/and josm?

what do you think about the quality?

The site is down atm so I can’t check it out, so I’m going to do an educated guess.

JPL is NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. ASFAIK, and all their data is Public domain… People should be aware of them is it really is from NASA and not very new. What is needed is integration with OSM, which can be a bitch if ou don’t have huge stacks of disks and CPU.

The default “Landsat” WMS layer of JOSM WMS plugin is using this base URL:

Thus I believe that at least some JPL data are already well utilised and integration is not especially demanding. There may be other usable JPL data available in addition to global mosaic, though.

OSM used (way back) to include Landsat while editing on the website, but no longer does. So if there isn’t a tile server available I don’t think it’s practical to use any webserivce. WMS might be nice but it was VERY slow.


thank you for all your information. it seems, that i should have a look at the “landsat” wms-layer.