Insert roundabout

Hi all.
I would like to insert a roundabout, modifying some existing routes.
But I would like to avoid deleting the streets in full.
It’s possible only delete the last part of each street, the one that enters the roundabout?

Hi PaRi53!
What OSM editor do you use? In JOSM you can divide the road into two parts by selecting a node belonging to this way and then pressing P on your keyboard. You will have got two separated ways. You can also use proper command from Tools menu while the node is selected.

In Potlatch just add a node on the existing way(s), hit “X” to split the way and remove the shorter part where the roundabout will be mapped.
Do this on each way connecting to the roundabout. Then draw the roundabout and connect the ways.

you can also visit (which is linked from main site and search for “roundabout” … success?

Thanks to all.
Thanks to your suggestions, I was able to trace the roundabout.

A better method often is to select the road, then select the node on the road where the roundabout should come and hit ctrl + delete. This removes the node from the way. Not only will this often be faster, it also does not run the risk of risking the road completely, which would mean that its history becomes hard to find.