indoor Positioning via Bluetooth Beacons(iBeacon)

started getting into learning OSRM for an office project of indoor navigation/positioning. Since GPS signals may/may not work in an indoor environment, just wanted to clarify if OSRM supports Bluetooth Beacon positioning ?? like if i click “where i am” icon it should look for you position using beacon data instead of GPS !!! Please guide me on how should i go about it if is supported/unsupported.

Waiting for your kind response.!

ArsalanAli - there are a number of companies that do “indoor position” using beacons, Wi-Fi, and geomagnetic / sensor fusion. Most of them have positioning SDK’s that ultimately return a lat/long/floor ID for one to render on top of a map.

Check out

I’ve tried to research indoor positioning for a couple of days, but it seems like there are no standards for this use case. There are SDK’s and tools but there’s no way to map your beacons publicly so unless you are planning to integrate the beacons to your own app (or use someone else’s dedicated app) you are out of luck. Currently most of the beacon standards broadcast just an unique id which is then mapped to position from a database. Most of the databases are proprietrary or don’t allow inputting accurate locations of beacons. It would be interesting project to create open source database of public beacons to be used for indoor positioning and to integrate that to Android MicroG UnifiedNLP as positioning source so it could actually be used.

From I found interesting specification called “Indoor Positioning Service”, but I didn’t find any products advertising support for it. If I understood correctly it would completely eliminate the need for specific apps, because the beacons would act like an gnss “satellite” with accurately predefined position

If you seriously need better indoor positioning and don’t have an app, you can try to find an GNSS repeater like this: - be aware that those can be really costly