Indoor data of airports in Germany


Oh, am so glad to have found a community here :slight_smile:
I’m searching for a data set of indoor data for airports in Germany, more specifically for Hamburg or Düsseldorf or eventually Osnabrück. Until now I had no success, e.g. on OpenLevelUp I found some data for the airport of Munich, but that is not the airport I would need for my project. Is there any indoor data sets available for those airports yet?
It would help me a lot if someone could give me a hint.

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Since OpenLevelUp uses the data from OpenStreetMap, we do not have other data in the OpenStreetMap project.

Thank you for the quick reply! OpenLevelUp is great, by the way!
I will have a look what I am going to do, probably I will do my best then and to make a data set myself and will put it on OSM.

I would like to include data from the airport Hamburg, so to start digitizing. But how to do this with regard to the different levels? How can I map the airport from paperstuff, so that, in the end, we would have the airport available in OSM. I know how to work in OSM,so how to map streets, houses etc, but this is totally different than indoor mapping in OSM. Where can I find a ‘receipe’ on how to do this?
I’ve found in OSM wiki the side about simple indoor tagging ( but this does not help me at all! I need a real tutorial on how to do start an indoor project in OSM. Is there something which could help?
Many thanks to those helping me!

Hey guys,
I decided to first digitize the different levels of the airport Hamburg with a floorplan available on the airport’s website. I use QGIS and as basemap Open Street Map. There will be small inaccuracies and accordingly the level will not all be totally accurate overlay each other (the RMSE or how you name it). I do not know how to avoid this small error between the different layer. Will this have consequences later on? How did other manage to make the different level?
And, when I have digitized all the levels, what to do next? Idea?
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Ahem, di you actually have permission to use the airport maps? Maps are covered und normal, classical “copyright” provisions is essentially all countries and you need to assume that, if you don’t have other information, you are not allowed to copy them.

Note on the side: I’ve done some indoor mapping of “POIs” in airports including gate positions and so on, however I suspect that the airport operators are likely not that happy about it, so I would suggest to tread carefully.

Hey Simon,
Yes, I must say I thought about, but the maps will not be copied in the way that they would be identical as they used some kind of abstraction. How else do people get information on public buildings? Always go there and have a look by themselves? I’m aware that I cannot just use those maps, but can I not rely on the information they give (so where which shop is located etc)? The maps have no data base nor are they georeferenced or something but are only images. So I thought it would not even be really copying. Still, I think I will ask them if I can use their information. You are for sure right on that. Thanks!

Hallo again,
I have a request to the responsible people if I may use the information from their maps for creating my map for my master thesis. However, this does mean, that I will not make the data public but only use it for my thesis. In other words,even if they would approve, I will not be able to make them public on OSM :expressionless: I would ask them, then, after my thesis is finished, if they would be okay to let me add the information to OSM. First, now, I need to wait for their answer.

By the way, I’m surprised that those airport operators would not be happy about you adding the POIs. A shop (or whatever POI) being cartographed in the www makes it visible to potential customers. More customers, more revenues :wink: