incoherent data in and my map with umap

I’m looking for restaurants - and obviously also cafés - in Paris with french or regional cooking - (restaurant OR cafe) AND (cuisine=french OR cuisine=regional) - what show hundreds of places in Copying the URL-umap-link into umap:external data source (my site works in German though the wording might be incorrect) I get also many places but not all I see in the overpass-map. I verify that with the restaurants around the corner I usually stay in a hotel.
How can I asure that in umap all interesting places - the same as in overpass - are shown?
Thanks for advice (and patience with a beginner).

I’m testing this and I get about 1200 with cuisine french or regional

How many appear on your map?

I am also a beginner in umap :slight_smile: and English basic writer :wink: