Inappropriate information

I’m sure there must be a previously agreed rule or even just an agreement and consensus that it may be inappropriate to have some types of content here - e.g. a rectangle marked “Joe’s house” in an area where there is nothing else marked. I can’t find anything on the Wiki. Any pointers?

Well, a lot of “common sense” rules are not written down, but it is generally accepted that we do not map:

  • data that violates the privacy of individuals (such as including the names of the inhabitants to buildings)

  • quickly changing or unmaintainable information

  • personal notes or recommendations, and unverifiable information in general

  • information that is not geographic in nature (the exact limit is fuzzy, of course)

Almost all rules have exceptions, though, and may change as the project evolves.

Thanks for that. As a veteran of Wikipedia I’m amazed at how well OSM functions without too many rules and enforcement. I’m a bit worried that it could get to be like some parts of Wikimapia, e.g. a quick look pulled up this with three land claims posted on it.

Anyway, I’ll just send a message to the person that added “Joe’s house”, asking if this contribution is really appropriate.