In Osm2World bay is viewed as a river

In Osm2World, the bay here is viewed as a river, instead of a bay it should be, can anyone help me fix this?


Open Street Map

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum.

Please contact as OSM is not responsible for 3rd party programs. OSM simply provides geo-data.

Ok thank you

A likely reason for the problem you’re experiencing is that the OpenStreetMap data file you are opening with OSM2World contains only part of the outline of the bay. (In technical terms, some members of this multipolygon relation are missing.) How to remedy this depends on which service or tool you’re getting the OpenStreetMap data from, but you’re looking for options called something along the lines of “completely download (multipolygon) relations”.

I actually prefer when people ask questions like this on one of the OSM forums/lists because it allows other people than just myself to help out. If the volunteer maintainer of some open source software has to answer every single support issue personally, that can be very exhausting.