Improving OSM support for Magellan

As I pointed out at the german forums and over at the MagellanBoard, I’m currently in contact with different managers of Magellan. My long term goal is to convince them to open the map format so everybody can create magellan maps out of OSM material, apply own styling, do routing, …

As a first step I tried to update the Magellan Wiki pages and tried to collect as mcuh informations as possible together. But I’m not that experiencenced in the whole details of the devices and formats, so if anybody of you is willing to add more stuff, I would be very glad

Tell them that a lot of people (ok, at least me :slight_smile: ) have had it with buggy Garmin devices, which we only buy because we can use OSM on them. I would buy another brand with my eyes closed if it would have good support for (home made) OSM maps…


Yes this is my intention, but I see that it’s hard work to show this to people that are familar with traditional GIS mostly and just look over at our US data quality.
The german folks say exactly the same:

But at least the EU division is willing to cooperate with OSM. They already sell the devices with a bonus card for a OSM Map of Germany from :slight_smile: