Improvements: street numbers, colors, points.

1- WOW, the maps are perfect! The biggest cons compared to google maps are the street numbers, many are missing!
My advise is to highlight the need of street numbers here and there in the site, editor, guides, introdution texts…

2- You should really replace the purple and violet/red colors! They looks organic, like veins, it’s disturbing!
And the first feeling in a website is important…

3- I’ve seen in the editor, that many stright streets has many useless point (without em the street has the same shape)! I dont know how that happened, however I think that the maps are bigger and they slow down thw whole engine… Should be fixed and/or prevented.

Thanks for your job guys OSM is great!

Did you try any of the other map renderings of OpenStreetMap data ? Maybe has a map style that is more your taste.

Otherwise, feel free to propose changes on

And of course you can always add house numbers yourself or remove excess points on straight lines (might be caused by an import).
I think most mappers are aware that a lot of house numbers are missing, but it takes time to go out and survey them.

Streets are often split and show extra points to mark changes in speed limits, road surface, number of lanes, etc, so please check the tags on sections before deleting what may seem useless points at first glance.

-2- Cmon look here! Its like an horror movie! For sure doesn’t give a wellness feeling. And the default color are important.
-1-Yes and you should highlight the need of the numbers.
-3-ok tnx newv.

Jackma, OpenStreetMap is a “do-ocracy”. If you think you can do a better job, feel free to define your own style. Just complaining will not help. All people working on the default style do this in their own spare time. Just saying “it’s bad” will not motivate them to change it. The style is open source. The maintainers are always looking for help, so feel free to join them.

As for the house numbers, it depends on you use of the map. For hikers and cyclists, I think house numbers are not that important.
But there have been several calls for action in the past, among them from Steve Coast the father of OpenStreetMap. But again, feel free to post a blog or a diary in which you call for action. This forum is not read that much.

I personally am totally impressed with everything about OSM - colours are very clear and are a design choice - I have no problem with them