Improved hillshading and countour of Switzerlad on Freemap Outdoor Map


Our Freemap Slovakia Outdoor map has recently gained improvement of hill-shading and contours (also) of Switzerland. You can see it at

Features of Freemap Slovakia Outdoor map:

  • includes outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, skiing, horse riding
  • based on OpenStreetMap data
  • updated minutely (in the best case, depends on the volume of the changes and requests)
  • supports HiDPI displays (4K, retina, …)
  • HiDPI export for printing to PDF, SVG, PNG, JPEG
  • open source

You can find list of features at


Best regards

Martin Ždila

Hello this map looks amazing, the hillshading is much better than other OSM-based maps I’ve seen before such as

There’s an issue, sometimes the locality names shows twice once with an altitude and once without.

Please share here the URL where I can observe this problem.

Here the village of Saint-Saphorin is shown 3 times :

Here the village of Saint-Saphorin is shown 3 times : … 8&layers=X

One name is for the village name but 2 other are for the guideposts. So it is a feature.

Thanks for the information.