Improve hiking relations - what is the best way to do so?

Hi all,

In the time I am not outdoors, I would like to improve hiking relations (route=hiking) to help other hikers. I found there are some tools for this for cycle paths, like DE:Bicycle/Deutsche Radfernwege - OpenStreetMap Wiki or in Osmose checks for cycleways. But I have not found anything for hiking trails.
Does anyone has a good way to find errors and improve hiking trails? Or is there any kind of project working on this?


You can view hiking routes with the help of this site: Waymarked Trails - Hiking

To analyze all possible relations you can use this website: OSM Relation Analyzer

Osmose also checks hiking relations, e.g. if an access-tag on the route is set wrong. (e.g.: foot=no)

Maybe these recent discussions about the topic can be of help:

If it helps, this is what I do.

When something changes, the script sends me an email like this:

Change in relation components for Chiltern_Heritage_Trail 8489236
<      9
>     10

I can then have a look at see what’s changed. Gaps might have been introduced by someone mapping a road junction in more detail, or they might be “real gaps” where perhaps a bridge fell down.

Similarly you can check for superrelations that unexpectedly get ways as members, and ordinary relations that get deleted by mistake.