Imports of GADM were made for Tanzania, NBS import to be used instead?

Hi there,

I have found an import from GADM for Tanzanian region borders. According to and the copyright note on redistribution of data is not allowed. Therefore I wrote a message to the author and I also got a respond. Here is the dialogue:

On 2016-01-17 19:22:23 UTC Mecki wrote:

Hey there,

I have seen that you have imported data from GADM. If you have a written permission for this import, please provide it to the OSM Wiki. But if not you should revert your changes as according to website it is not allowed to redistribute the data as OSM would allow them to be used for commercial purposes.

Best regards Mecki

On 20. Januar 2016 um 12:39 Macabe5387 wrote:

Hey Mecki,

Thanks for your comment. I do not have a written permission from GADM for the import. Actually, I wasn’t aware of the fast that this was needed. And to clarify: my personal intentions are not commercial. I am trying to help the people of Tanzania who have no clue about the new (2012) district and regional boundaries since no official maps exist.

The (almost) exact same shapefiles of admin boundaries in Tanzania can also be found on the website of the Tanzanian National Bureau of Statistics (NBS):

Would it be alright to use those instead? Do I really need to remove the GADM data or can I continue using the NBS data from now on and leave the rest the way it was?

Kind regards, Macabe5387

I would say the imports need to be removed, but I can’t answer if NBS data may be used.
Is anybody able to help us to clarify this?

Thanks for your help

The GADM website says “Redistribution, or commercial use is not allowed without prior permission.”

Has anyone asked GADM, more generally, if their data can be used within OSM? If not, maybe they should be asked first.

If I understand this correctly, the data needs to be redacted, not just deleted. You may need to contact the Data Working Group.