Imports / Mass deletions in Belgium

Hi Belgium community,

I noticed this church (way/108516065 - Osmcha):

tag key
addr:city Binche
addr:postcode 7130
addr:street Rue des Récollets
building ruins
heritage 4
heritage:operator clt
heritage:ref 56011-CLT-0015-01
note Binche: l'ancienne église des Récollets sera détruite! - La DH/Les Sports+
old_name Église des Récollets

being replaced with this one (way/1122637984):

tag key
amenity place_of_worship
building yes

Seems like there are bulk imports and deletions in the area, so I guess there can be other replacements with loss of information like this one. Maybe you would like to investigate it (if you didn’t already) so I reported it here.

Other examples, churches replaced and all tags gone:

way/209830100 with way/1122621660

A library replaced with a bigger building:
way/210105303 with way/1122640709


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Thanks! I’ve sent them a pm already and have asked some more folks to look into this


HI! I am the guy who imported all of this data.

I didn’t have bad intentions but I apparently didn’t check for tags that could be deleted during the import.

I know I’ll probably get blocked for making such a big change w/o asking the community first, but I guess I can help re-add tags if needed (you can PM me on OSM).

You will not.

Just keep in mind the import guidelines next time. Thank you both!

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Indeed, don’t worry about it. And we absolutely can use help with the import effort, so I hope you’ll join us!


I’ve done quite a few imports as well, I’ve even written some tools to help import safely without loosing data. But some guidance using JOSM would help as well.

For the record seems like the account who made the import has been deleted.

The solution (unless anyone has objects/suggestions) is that me and @Le_Sharkoïste will be fixing the edits. I’ll mainly be doing the “going through the deleted objects to see which tags are not present in the current version of osm” while Sharkoïste is going to fix the landuse in that region (when the massive edits happened, lots of nodes were deleted that were part of landuse areas).

Trying to ‘revert’ the edits is not feasible as edits have been made since it happened, so it would just probably end up making things more confusing.

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