Imports from ""

(Please excuse me writing in English - I don’t speak Russian)

I found several imports from “” with quite strange tags like on this node:

Дата регистрации лицензии = 21.06.2000
Номер лицензии = РСТ00763ТЭ
Срок окончания лицензии = 30.06.2019
Статус лицензии = действующая

I asked the author about it in the changeset comment:

Now I see several issues here:

Could somebody clarify these issues?

mueschel, these problems exist. Also this website forbids commercial use ( Anyway, is an incompatible source.

Thanks! Do you know whether DWG is aware of this? I think due to the amount of edits there should be some official action.

Any contributor can revert the changesets using incompatible source.