Importing to ArcGIS


I’m new to OpenStreetMap (and quite new to GIS at all) and I have a problem with importing OpenStreetMap data into ArcGIS.

I have successfully exported the OSM data in XML format (.osm) but when I try to load the file into ArcGIS with the OSM extension I only get a error msg. ArcGIS is asking for an other format (.bz) which for me sounds like a zip archive? Have I missed a step where I need to convert the osm data?

I have searched for a answear in the wiki and here but haven’t found what I’m looking for, if I have overlooked some piece of info please point me in the right direction.

The OSM format is different from standard shape files. There is an ArcGIS extension for OSM editing at , but it requires ArcGIS10.

I have never used this tool, but if you are already using it and it just needs the .bz format, there is Bzip .

Also note that some tags and way attributes can be lost in the conversion. For most common objects, or a 1-way conversion, this may not matter.

When there is no way to solve your trouble with ArcGIS and you are new to GIS as well, why not trying Quantum GIS?