importing text of a map separate from the graphics

hello, I need some help in order to import the text of the streets separately from the graphics. I am working with the map of Paris, France and when I import the map, the names of the streets do not come probably because because of a zoom thing. So I think that If the text comes separate from the graphics I might be able to match afterwards. I would appreciate if anyboby could help me. I thank you in advance, Miriam

What software are you using? How are importing the map?

I am using Adobe Illustrator to design the map with tourist spots etc… On the site, I’m exporting to PDF and SVG to open in Illustrator.

Hi Miriam,

Have a look at the OSM wiki about


Basics about all possible render programs are listet at

You can also do a search at about key words like PDF, SVG, Illustrator