Importing official data from Keren Kayemet LeIsrael


Why exactly do we need the ways to be closed?

For the impatient, I’ve done a little simulation of how the large-scale map would look like.

Before import:
After import:
The difference:

Because landuse=forest can be used in either nodes or areas (closed ways)
Not in ways (lines)


So maybe this is another reason not to tag individual ways?

Sure, but how would the forest relation know how to connect them?

You’d need a relation to contain each of these more-than-2000-nodes-areas and add this relation to the forest’s relation (and not the individual ways that are part of the “smaller” relation)


I believe this is no problem - look here at Figure 6.

Ok, go for it.
Hopefully this is supported in all the popular renderers (mapnik, osmarender, mkgmap, osm2gpsmid, etc.)


I understand your concern. To be sure, I will take one such relation in OSM format and try to produce a mapnik/osmarender image as well as a Garmin map (unfortunately I don’t have experience with osm2gpsmid).

I can test osm2gpsmid.
But if all other renderers work (and osm2gpsmid doesn’t) - then it’s good enough for me (if my vote counts, that is…)


I’ve checked mapnik, osmarender (new version, and mkgmap - all of them render the multipolygons with untagged+splitted ways just fine.

I will be therefore proceeding with the import on the live database soon.

Hope the import will be smooth.

I’ll create a list in the wiki with all forests, like the places and municipalities.

Maybe we could have a list of non-KKL forests as well?
So we could see whether we’d like to keep them or not, and if we want to keep them - to tag them accordingly.


One last test before the actual upload was successful.
You can review all the data via

Do you want to run some tests (scripts etc.) on the test database before the actual upload?


As much as I could see (I only did a brief overview) - it looks good! Great job!

I wonder if we could somehow automate all the inner ways.
e.g. this water.


I see changes by kkl_import! :slight_smile:
Let us know when we can start tidying up.

Should we decide about tagging non-kkl forests?
Or should future updates just update kkl-managed forests?


There are some problems with the import - duplicates. I am looking into it.

Please do not change the objects uploaded by kkl_import. I will try to revert the changes.

Something went wrong with the import script, which caused the duplicate ways.

As far as I understand, there are no duplicate nodes, can you confirm this? If so, recovery should be much easier.

Indeed, it seems to me that there are no duplicate nodes.
There are, however, duplicate ways, sometimes even 3 ways using the same nodes.


I suspect that the university firewall somehow interferes with the upload.
I’ll continue from home, later.