Importing official administrative boundaries

AFAIK, officially, the raster image is more accurate.
When streams change course, it takes time for the MOIN to do new surveys and update the administrative borders. If at all…


The raster image is clearly off by a few meters in some obvious places (like border between two cities which should pass in the middle of a highway). The lines on the raster are too thick and in many cases an adjustment is needed based on common sense (for example when a city border is on top of a residential area clearly belonging to the city, the border should be adjusted to be just outside the area).
I don’t know if the administrative borders are supposed to coincide with natural boundaries or just be parallel to them. I think that in case of streams it doesn’t really matter.

Hi guys, if you want to use a WMS like geoserver to use with Potlatch, you should
use a proxy available at
The use for geoserver will be something like:!/!/!/LAYER/http://SERVER:8080/geoserver/wms

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Dimka I don’t find the map of Israel gvulot_shiput_OSM.jpg on the website attached. From where I can download it?

The files were deleted by accident.
I will reinstate them ASAP. Sorry!


Now it is fixed.