importing APRS tracks

APRS is a technology to allow HAM radio users to bradcast their GPS locations over a radio channel. This allows them to be tracked. These traces are being captured by digipeaters and route these to Internet sites that place the call sgn in realtime on an online map. Thi information becomes publically accessible data.

Since these people are constantly on the road and constantly broadcasting their GPS coordinates, would it make sense to capture their tracks and import these into OpenStreetMaps ?

If the update rate is good enough to trace the travel path, I would say “yes”. It should be fast enough so that the path of travel matches the roadway to within a reasonable approximation of a logging GPS. Most people try to set their logging GPS to one update per second; perhaps just a bit slower would still work, but a 15 second update rate would be too slow to match road curves.

Be aware that position reported by APRS has degraded accuracy in comparison to raw NMEA data (APRS frame truncate coordinates to DDMM.hh format).