Importing Apple Maps data into OpenStreetMap

They built a new roundabout in my village. Sadly, Google Maps and OSM do not reflect this change, and a lot of cars are still mistakenly driving through my road (even though it’s longer) because their GPS tells them to… which is noisy…

Luckily, Apple Maps just updated their map. Google Maps is ignoring my feedback requests. I’m hoping that if I, as a free citizen :D, can update OSM, maybe Google Maps will feel more peer pressure and get the update too.

Is there any easy way to import the Apple Maps data into OSM?

Thanks for helping my home be quieter!

Do not import! The licensing on Apple data will not allow it.

But you can edit the OSM data yourself. If you have a handheld GPS unit or a dashcam with GPS you can simply drive around the new roundabout and collect the track. That track can be used as a background for an OSM editor. Or if aerial imagery with licensing compatible with OSM is available you can use that as a background to make your edits. There are tutorials on how to edit the map and it is not too hard to get started.