Import "Schweizer Familie Feuerstellen" / Firepits Switzerland

Hi Guys,

I’d like to add the firepits of “Schweizer Familie”, which are decent firepits in the Swiss landscape. Please tell me what to do & what to discuss…

It should be tagged as:

name>[from CSV]
link>[from CSV]

Do we have to ask “Schweizer Familie” for permission?



Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

Please read:

Yes we need permission from “Redaktion Schweizer Familie” or perhaps “Tamedia AG” (publisher). Since they sell this information in their book I assume they won’t give these information for free…

Okay, I see, a ‘bulk’ import won’t be possible. I.e. I don’t want to ask Tamedia for permission and I won’t import the data.

I guess when I ‘run into’ a firepit that I am allowed to enter this into OSM in any case. I also realize that there is a ‘funny bunching’ of firepits at some locations, i.e. there were some data already imported, such that there are e.g. 4 firepits within 20m.

Also, there was a remark, that one could tag the place accordingly as:


and prefer the tag ‘url’ instead of ‘link’.



Yes, if you visit these places and verify that the information is correct you are free to enter this information into OSM. I’d suggest to track your way with GPS and upload this track too. This will help improving paths leading to and from this sites.
I know only 1 Grillplatz in Switzerland:
Using name=Grillplatz here is not appropriate in my opinion, but this is topic of another discussion…

There are several tags for a facility for outdoor cooking:
There is or ,
since these locations mostly have some benches and tables I’d tag them as tourism=picnic_site with bbq=yes.
This should be answered by some Swiss mappers :wink:

Yes I can confirm, most of them will be tourism=picnic_site with bbq=yes.

About many fire places or bbqs nearby: Those are probably individually mapped. It is just a more detailed way to map a picnic site: all the individual amenities as objects placed at their exact location.