import of unlicensed data?

Could one of the native speakers kindly contact this user and offer assistance? He is adding a lot of pois. Unfortunately all just nodes with name=* tags…
As it’s over a thousand POI It also looks suspiciously like an import. Do we have to revert the whole data-set? In the current state is close to unusable…

Here a clickable map with the POI

It looks like you might have to revert the data unless someone can get him to come forward and explain what he’s doing. The entries make no sense at all. I cannot see any use for the POIs, if that’s what they are, that user nawins has added.



Unless someone else has done so already (in which case please post here), I’ll drop him a message sometime later today.


I sent a message but I haven’t heard back from him yet. My guess is that it’s not an import. The name=number looks like house addresses and some of the other entries nawins put up cannot be found on google.

Sadly I never got a response. Do we revert the changes?

If it was a genuine edit, I would love to keep the data. Must have taken days to collect.
Roughly a thousand named items (estimated).

I still wonder why the type is missing. Go Map! seems not to encourage this type of edits as it asks for the node type.!!

Reverting it should be easy. But can we clean up the data as well?
Is it possible to guess the tagging based on the name?
For house-numbers this should be possible. Some shops/restaurants should also be identifiable by their name.

Is there a way to save those nodes in case you get a response from the user that explains what he has done? I’m guessing there is. In any case, now that we are aware of his additions, there really is no rush to remove them. My suggestion is to monitor the area and if user:nawins becomes active again, ask some questions.

My knowledge of Thai is very limited but it seemed to me that nawins intended to tag houses or addresses with some sort of generic identifier in the name tag forgetting, or not knowing, that his tagging was incomplete or incorrect.