Import of addresses for San Francisco, CA


I’ve been recently thinking about importing addresses for San Francisco, CA.
It looks like there has been interest in this kind of import (the page devoted to it was created in 2010,

So, please, consider this post as my “community buy-in”: does anyone have any objections related to this possible import?
By now I’ve obtained a permit from the data owner ( and almost finished writing my code for matching buildings to address points.

If there are no objections, I’ll go on with organizing all documentation and sharing the code/resulting osm-files for review by OSM community.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback!

p.s. I have some experience in importing addresses (e.g., see

Hi Yury,

I think you’ll find that there aren’t many OSM community members from the US on the Forum. I’d recommend posting to the talk-us mailing list or joining the OSM US Slack (


Thanks, Ian!
I’ll re-post it both to the slack channel and us-talk.


Please, find a link to an archive with my code, inputs and resulting “open_in_JOSM_and_upload.osm”-file below:

Despite the name of the resulting file – “open_in_JOSM_and_upload.osm” – this file has attribute [upload=‘never’] which should prevent accidental upload of it. But, just in case, let me make it explicit: THE FILE “open_in_JOSM_and_upload.osm” IS PRODUCED ONLY FOR REVIEW BY OSM COMMUNITY, IT MAY CONTAIN SERIOUS ERRORS, PLEASE, DO NOT UPLOAD IT!

The archive also includes a README .pdf-file that describes in simple language my approach to matching address points with OSM buildings.

The script file, “”, should run in a standalone mode (like “python3”) if you have all required libraries installed, but I ran it step-by-step.

Should you have any questions, I’d be happy to reply.
Looking forward to receiving your feedback!

With kind regards,