Import google maps data?

Hi semua! So, a few months ago I drew a map on mymaps of the expressways present in the Klang Valley ( Then I discovered openstreetmap and also this forum.

Hence, I have some questions:

  1. How do I import data from mymaps to openstreetmaps
  2. Which openstreetmap should I use?
  3. How do I make the route look better (as in, the flow of the road more natural)?
  4. Is there a way to code in map data (using programming language etc.)?

Terima kasih in advance!

Hello new mapper!

Before everything else, let’s discuss a little bit more.

Could you share from what source did you use to create your own copy of the map?

May I know your purpose to merge between your data, and what’s available on OpenStreetMap? Is it probably for use in things related to your work, maybe?

Hi @trymapper.
I had a brief look at your MyMaps. I believe all the Klang Valley Expressways you have there are already mapped (and at higher details) in OSM. Did I miss anything?
Ref …
(2) Litrak (LDP, SPRINT)
(3) Gamuda & Co (KESAS, SMART)
(5) Tailworks Corp and EPF (Grand [Saga, Sepadu])
(7) Maju Group (MEX)
(8) Bina Puri (LATAR)
(9) Ekovest (DUKE [1,2, SPE])
(10) Other Owners (LKSA, SKVE, EKVE)

Is there really any of above highways missing from OSM? OSM includes highways completed as well as those under construction.