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Q: I have list with object name and coordinates (long:lat) Is it possible somehow import that data to OSM!? Now I using JOSM.

data example:

I’m interested in how to do that too. I’m in the process of gathering data (with others) on approx one thousand trees in a part of Manchester, UK. I want to be able to upload the data with attributes in an efficient batch process.


I’ve never done imports, but if you manage to convert your POI-List into OSM-File (XML), you can upload this OSM-File via JOSM. For testing create some POIs in JOSM, save them into a file (do not upload them!) and open the file with a texteditor and analyze the data-structure. I bet that is also documented somewhere in the Wiki.

@Gen_Cluster: If don’t think it is a god idea to put on any trees in OSM unless these trees are outstanding. I assume you know

Hi guys!

I figured out how its done. You need create osm (xml) file.

How PHerison mentioned you can save osm file from JOSM, with your interested POI`s just to know how the xml code looks for interested POI. On what you need pay attention is that for each new object you need specify unique negative ID number. In my case I want add house numbering, here is example of my file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<osm version='0.6' generator='JOSM'>
  <bounds minlat='56.896628899999996' minlon='23.9982605' maxlat='56.973053099999994' maxlon='24.145202599999998' origin='CGImap 0.0.2' />
   <node id='-1' visible='true' lat='56.945317' lon='24.083042'>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='2b' />
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Kalnciema iela' />
   <node id='-2' visible='true' lat='56.934564' lon='24.082393'>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='11' />
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Hermaņa iela' />
   <node id='-3' visible='true' lat='56.934348' lon='24.082935'>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='9' />
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Hermaņa iela' />
   <node id='-4' visible='true' lat='56.934097' lon='24.083362'>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='7' />
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Hermaņa iela' />
   <node id='-5' visible='true' lat='56.933944' lon='24.083854'>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='5' />
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Hermaņa iela' />
   <node id='-6' visible='true' lat='56.977720' lon='24.083887'>
    <tag k='addr:housenumber' v='9' />
    <tag k='addr:street' v='Podraga iela' />

To create file I used Calc and gedit.

By importing data into OSM you should also have a look at .
Important point (in my opinion) is to make up your mind how to avoid duplicates.