Import Apple Maps data into OSM?

Is there any way to import Apple Maps roads into OSM for editing purposes? Or overlay them?

I’m trying to create a roundabout. It shows up on Apple Maps, but the satellite images haven’t been updated yet. So I’m having a hard time drawing it on the web editor.


No way to copy data from Apple, Google, … for license reasons.
We’re not allowed to do so.


Are you able to provide the osm url of the junction?


Apple is a very different case than Google, as they are publicly using OpenStreetMap data (although I do not think the whole of it is released under the ODbL, guess they are using a collective database, the details would be interesting)

Maybe Apple is a different case, but using OSM data does not necessarily imply that the derived (and enriched) data is, as input data, compatible with OSM.

So, I would not use any Apple data.

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IIRC Apple Maps is OSM data in large parts of the world anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

But remember one of the Rules of OSM: “Don’t copy from other maps (unless you know it’s explicilty allowed)”


presuming that Apple does attribute as required, it appears to me that there is a shortcoming with the current situation: we don’t know exactly which parts are from OpenStreetMap or contain OpenStreetMap data in a derivative database, so we can not exercise our rights based on the ODbL (regional extract, thematic extract)

Why would we want to know that anyway? There’s no use in foreign data if we already have it, anyway.

err, because of share alike provisions?