Import and Export of My Places in Android OsmAnd


This may be a very old topic, asked a zillion times, but… I am not able to transfer my favorite places from my old phone to my new one.

I saved them by sharing to Gmail, but, obvoiusly, they are not in proper .gpx file format.

How can I transfer my places to my new phone ?
How can I generate a proper .gpx file with my places in OsmAnd ?
And why_t_f (excuse my french) is there not a straightforward Import/Export functionality in the menu ?


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So on your OLD phone you have located where the file favorites.gpx is inside the Osmand folders?

If yes, what is its file length and its content? (try any popular android file browser like TotalCommander or similar)

It is already generated. go to your osmand directory by third party file manager as suggested by stephan75. by default it is located at

<internal storage>sdcard/Android/data/net.osmand 

every tracks recorded and way points added in osmand are in gpx format.