Images being removed from wiki pages

Yes, I also posted that question in this thread. I found a way but it is a bit involved:

  • Go to you Wiki user page
  • Click in the right-top corner “Contributions”
    • This resolves to:<wiki-id>
  • Use Find (Ctrl-f) to file File:
  • Scroll through all the pages till you found all files and are on the end

Sending a mail on some lists asking people who contributed to the wiki for verification of their media could potentially solve quite a bit of cases

I think there should be (first) an effort to make it for people even easier to know what to do, Wiki:Media file license chart is a good start but I think a list of examples would be even better.

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Good to give some examples. I see these icons are used (only) on Sigtuna kommun so replacing 1 or 2 files has no use, the complete set of 10 should be replaced.

If you or somebody else can make replacements for this set of 10 images, it would be great, but I would suggest to upload them to Wiki Commons so they can be used for more widely.

I also found that this commons search Icons for road descriptions, returns lots of good icons but finding a set of 10 to replace these is close to impossible.

NB: It would still be nice if the user would react but I see his last Wiki edit is from May 2013 so not too much hope he can still be reached.

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Nothing straightforward. I ended writing script that parsed wiki pages. See osm-wiki-copyright-violation-detector-scripts/ at master - osm-wiki-copyright-violation-detector-scripts -

User:Mateusz Konieczny/notify uploaders/Dieterdreist - OpenStreetMap Wiki has some (note that maps and screenshots are skipped, I can generate listing that includes also such files, but I may be not able to answer copyright-related questions about them).

For people who uploaded less than 50 images looking manually through them may be faster ( emvee described it above). Unless I would generate such listing for all OSM Wiki accounts.

Yes, but there are notoriously prone to false positives. Search for “false DMCA youtube” for long lists of egregious failures.

And note that many images were published earlier elsewhere but for various reasons can be used.

Though if someone wants: feel free to try detecting copyright violations in this way.

Yes, but their work is a derivative work of original artwork. So original work needs licensing info and maybe modifications were creative to also require handling copyright status.

See Commons:Derivative works - Wikimedia Commons (Commons has many great materials about copyright of images )

Page moved: Difference between revisions of "Category:Media without a license - uploader not notified" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Scrolling a bit around I found there is a perfect and easy way:

Go to: File list - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Fill in your Wiki user name and press OK.

For this purpose it would be handy if the list would give also License column that indicates either:

  • Ok - License Fine
  • Not Ok - License problematic
  • Unknown - License not known

I am concerned that a number of images have been removed from data items and that the person doing the removal has made no effort to replace them there.

Can you link to an example?

If you complain here about edit like Difference between revisions of "landuse=highway (Q16259)" - OpenStreetMap Wiki then it was not really removed, it was broken already, see old version: landuse=highway - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I removed it so that this missing image issue will be revealed to people caring about data items. And there is bot copying data from OSM Wiki to Data Items anyway, right?

I found it via Category:Pages with broken file links - OpenStreetMap Wiki as it was listed by bot at Wiki:Files used by data items - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Looking at it now, it seems that it is actually related to my activity as was removed as replaced and not needed anymore.

Sorry for that, but this image was not listed as used so neither me nor deleting moderator had a chance to notice problem (compare File:Primary Kec. Sinjai Utara Kab. Sinjai.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki listing uses in “File usage” section).

Data items are broken also in that respect. Note File:09272008 BrightonUT.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki listed as used on several pages - but leaf_type=mixed - OpenStreetMap Wiki (Q6674) is not mentioned

Nowadays risk is reduced: bot maintains Wiki:Files used by data items - OpenStreetMap Wiki listings so it is not completely hidden anymore.

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An example is Difference between revisions of "emergency=access_point (Q6333)" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Wasn’t that just a case of an image being replaced? looks OK to me.

See and Revision history of "emergency=access_point" (Q6333) - OpenStreetMap Wiki

  1. I replaced image across OSM Wiki (have not edited data item as at that point this usage info was completely hidden)

  2. I requested its deletion as unused

  3. Tigerfell deleted it as unused (also had no chance to spot as data items are broken in that part and fail to report its file usage)

  4. I removed Difference between revisions of "emergency=access_point (Q6333)" - OpenStreetMap Wiki as invalid not working image link (ideally I would check that file existed before and replace it)

  5. later image was readded

This should not be happening anymore as I am now aware about this one more way how data items are not working, and listing of files used by data items was setup as workaround for that problem (as noone has any idea how to actually fix it). So in future I will replace also files in data items (ugh) and moderators will be able to notice usage in data items before deleting them.

BTW, help with migrating/fixing/removing broken image links (listed at Category:Pages with broken file links - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) also would be welcome. Wiki:Files used by data items/ pages can be ignored until bot will regenerate them.

Because someone else put a replacement in.

Because someone else put in a replacement afterwards.

That can easily happen :frowning:

In meantime: can you maybe take a good image of clothes dryers? See File:Clothes dryer Pulley.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki File:Clothes dryer Rack.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki

And/or of a dry stone wall? See File:Dry stone wall.png - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Or find one available on a free license?

There is additional complexity: what kinds of images should we allow?

Is it ok to have images on “fair use”? Problem here is that requirements may depend on location and may be more strict in UK.

Do we want to allow “noncommercial use only” images? Who exactly can use them? Ideally they would be replaced by images on more permissive license (can I use them to develop OSM editor partially funded by an external grant?)

Can we keep unused screenshots as “educational use”?

Note that you cannot just redraw them: that would be a derivative work ( Commons:Derivative works - Wikimedia Commons )

You need to draw a new one, or use one of many existing ones. These ones were used solely on ancient page listing progress of mapping of some location, so I just removed overly elaborate progress table that was not maintained for years.

dry stone walls:

clothes dryerürich_(Schweiz)_--2011–_1395.jpg

1 Like is unmangled link (within ` ` characters)

Thanks so much! Added info to file pages (so images will be soon switched, though maybe someone will find even better replacements)

If anyone would be interested in helping then there are some new ones where I failed to find replacements:

Likely better to start a separate topic on that as I guess there will be many more requests.

I did add possible replacements to File:Entrance.png and File:Camp site backcountry.jpg

Are you sure that it is separate enough to need a new topic?


I started a new thread at Finding new images for OSM Wiki - help welcomed! - #19 by Mateusz_Konieczny

Currently looking for a specific image for:

permanent turnstile in a field File:Barrier drehkreuz.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki for Tag:barrier=turnstile - OpenStreetMap Wiki (or maybe indoor one also would be fine?)

Fast food in India, preferably McDonald to replace File:Fast food India.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki

AED in vending machine - to replace File:AED Japan Vending.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki (there is one candidate, but not great)

Place clearly allowing camping but has no infrastructure whatsoever, to replace File:Camp site backcountry.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki (if nothing can be found then one of images listed there can be used, maybe File:Refuge Cove, Wilsons Promontory National Park 12.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki - but it will be barely visible as a miniature).

In all cases - you can also take photo and upload it to Wikimedia Commons! (they have a better upload process than OSM Wiki, mostly because their community is much much bigger and centers around file uploads)