Imagery update

Yes, for now the Esri map is the clearest in the Seberang Perai. Now I will update for Bandar Perda one…
The Seremban Bandar Seri Sendayan also got a lot of changed…

I like both ESRI & DigitalGlobe, is it possible to change the default to other instead of Bing?

depends on your editor. In JOSM that is non issue, you just select which imagery you want to load as background.

Was thinking the same actually. So I have sent a message to the maintainer of the iD editor, a few months ago.

Apparently, it’s not possible to do so in the iD editor (yet). The most feasible way, is to get a source which is Malaysia-specific ( gahmen, can help aaa? :wink: :wink: ) – so that when iD editor is launched, it will be chosen as the default selection.

If you have a GitHub account, feel free to submit an issue there.

AkuAnakTimur, what is this I think that road maybe not motorcycle lane but new roads to sunsuria

I think we are talking iD by default. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… maybe you can ask in another way.
We don’t need to set ESRI by default only specific for Malaysia region, but could we have an option / preference in iD to set the default layer in each user account?

For example:
Gender: Male / Female
Layer: Bing, DG, ESRI and etc…

Every user can set default layer whatever they wanted, so there is no need to override whole Malaysia region.

That’s kind of neat. Not sure where to put it, maybe you could share your suggestion on the Editors forum? Or the mailing lists, if you fancy.

By the way, I was suggesting ESRI at that time because it seems like the DigitalGlobe layer has received seen no updates yet (as of September 2017). Now seeing some places has imageries even from July 2017, so… thanks DigitalGlobe for that.

I wouldn’t mind if you wanna ask the same question at other places.
I’m lack of time, sometimes.

Not sure if the sponsorship tied OSM to set Bing as the default layer but I think we all wish to have a choice as personal preference.