Imagery Offset with JOSM

I apologize for bothering the list with this but am new to using JOSM.

I have a project in OSM that students are working on. The area has had some mapping done it previously but it looks as if there has been a change in the imagery so buildings and roads are now misaligned.

I am able to use the imagery offset in a tile that I am entering, but will the imagery offset (We are using Bing Imagery) adjust all tiles once it is loaded or do I need to do the offset in each tile of the project.

Thank you in advance for your help

Mike Jabot

The offset will adjust all Bing imagery as long as you are in session.

However, there is a consideration (at least in my opinion). If the area you are editing already has a lot of tracing done, consider either
1 - offset Bing to be as close as the old one for uniformity. Or…
2 - if you have a more accurate offset reference (surveyed gps point for example), and you wish that everything else is correct, then you’ll need to adjust all the existing tracings to your offset.

Or, in my case, I’ll just do a mix of both. I’ll adjust important features (higher tier highways) to the more accurate imagery, while leave other already existing trace.

If you are an engineer minded ‘correct and accurate’ type, it’s a hopeless situation. All we can get in most of OSM is close enough unless somebody provide a ground control point every kilometer or so for the imagery provider to correct their aerial photos. Sorry for the long rambling.:smiley: