im stuck with routing software

im using openstreetmap and im making my own custom map with customized data but i dont know how do build simple routin api, maybe some can give me tips, couse im my api need to support wheelchair=“yes” property , but at the moment there are no direction service-s where that property is supported, and also if i have a linestring in geoJSON then do i have to make it for “point”-s ?(couse i want to add node-s). if somebody know some good site where is explained are that stuff how do make a routing api or something , then taht all is welcome :slight_smile:

Best wishes Kevv!

You can start by browsing the OSM wiki about

There are links to online and offline based routers, where some are opensource.

You have to find out on your own what basic way you choose to store the data, how to generate a graph network, and what routing algo you prefer.

also go to and do a search there for “graph”

And if I am not wrong, is this **your ** former posting?

yes, that is my post, im doing my college end work , so that is why im searching help and answares couse i dont have much knowledges about that