I'm not rendering new data after a second import

Hello all,

I’ve been playing with making my own slippy map for a while now and finally got something reasonable performant except now I’m having an issue adding new data.

I started with just one state and used osm2pgsql to import it. I got everything working great and decided to scale up to North America. I ran the same import command but with a different PBF and let it run all night. It finished this morning I started everything back up to find I am still only rendering the state.

Did I do something wrong or am I just missing a step?

It could be any one of a number of things I suspect. Using psql can you try searching for something that should be in there now but wasn’t before?

Also, after the import it’s not clear whether “I started everything back up” includes restarting Apache2 and renderd (if that’s what you’re using).

You are correct. By everything back up I meant rebooted the whole system and made use apache2 and renderd were still working properly.

I’ve logged into the database but I’m not sure how to navigate it. The state I used was Ohio so could you give me and example command to run that would query something outside of there?

EDIT: I ran

select count(*) from planet_osm_point where place='city';

and it only returned 984 so I’m not sure the data is there :frowning:

Okay, I’m now pretty sure I’ve done it wrong because I didn’t use the --append flag. I’m sure the data is there somewhere because it took a bunch of disk space.

Can anyone tell me the command to merge it all together without having to run this for another 16 hours? Please and thank you!

I wouldn’t use --append - it’ll be very slow (even more than 16 hours!). It’ll be quicker to reload the whole thing from scratch. My guess is that perhaps something didn’t succeed and got killed, and maybe indexes didn’t get created, or something?