I'm new in Bangkok

Hello everybody I am an old mapper (Ho Chi Minh city mainly) but now I’m going to leave for 6months in Bangkok and I am interested in meeting the OSM fans around here, I did contacted already some of the most active members trough personal email and they invited me to present myself here.

Any of you is up for a humble (not fancy dinner) meetup in Bangkok this month? We can exchange experiences and tips about mapping, and maybe organize a mapping party for the future.

I hope somebody is interested,

Best Regards.

Hi Ivan,

I see you are working intensively around Lad Prao area, which is covered my place. http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=13.79191&lon=100.58333&zoom=17&layers=M

I’m love to meet more OSMer :slight_smile:


That’s right, I’m living in the FP condominiums I mapped there. Sorry if I ate your terrority :-). Are you up for a drink someday near by?

Best Regards.

We are having a small gathering/ mapping party on this Sunday 10am.

Check post: