I'm new and LOVE maps. Am I helping?

I came a cross OpenStreepMap as I needed to reference a mapping system with good data. I came across this tool and wanted to contribute (especially to my area). Am I helping? I live in Olathe KS and there are lots of hoses and sidewalks missing. Am what I am doing for my area making a difference? Just looking to see what the big picture is.


Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!

Am what I am doing for my area making a difference? Just looking to see what the big picture is.

Many areas of the US don’t get a lot of mapping attention due to the sheer size of the country. The more, the merrier. The US community mostly communicates here on Slack, come and join us!

I took a look at some of your edits. Building outlines are looking good; thanks for remembering to square the corners. This street will need to be split at the intersection and given a name. And don’t forget to add pedestrian crossings along sidewalks, like this one here.


You might want to take a look at some of our QA-Tools to fix some errors by checking the situation in your area:


Welcome! Every edit helps. :slightly_smiling_face: Just keep mapping.


Echoing the previous post and repeating something I’ve said before: “no mapping task that positively contributes to OSM is too small.”


You are definitely helping. Keep it up. Every contribution that comes from your personal knowledge of your area is helpful.


You are helping by adding something about the area you know. Add the features you find most interesting, as long as they are things that others can verify and continue to improve. Some of the seemingly excess micro-mapped features suddenly become useful when there is enough data or someone thinks of a new application for it.


Another thing I’ve said before, “local personal knowledge” (added to OSM) is one of the most powerful tools, a really solid strategy, and one of the best things OSM has going for us. Make the map proud with your contributions! (We all do). Lots of us find it a beautiful “place” (map) and we enjoy making it better.

You really never know who is going to benefit by your mapping (or how) but you can nod your head now that “somebody is going to be glad this is mapped.” May that cause you to break out with a nice feeling all over (it does me).

You are helping by mapping. Map your best, it really does help. People have maps now we didn’t before, and that happened because of people like you and me and them over there. Pretty neat.

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