I'm new and I have a few questions

Just signed up yesterday because after checking the map, there was a road going straight though a park and building (an erroneous continuation of a back alley from the next block over). So I cut out this road, and when I saved, it asked me to add some notes, so I described the situation, and then continued checking other parts of the map, just puttering around really. I checked out our spot at the lake, and found that many of the streets were, they had some of the correct names, but sometimes in strange places. So I corrected the ones that I knew. BUT, after saving these changes, it didn’t ask me to list any comments on my changes, so I’m afraid that it was all saved with the notes that I had been eliminating the road going through the park. Is there a way I can make sure that my edits get the right notes, even when I’m working in a variety of different locations, especially when those locations are over 200km apart?

One other question, maybe more advanced than my mapping level right now: The building that that road was going though is a bit mislabeled. It’s a community centre, in which many groups meet, but it’s specifically labelled as " Congregation of Shir Chadash Synagogue". So while it’s entirely likely that the congregation meets there, the actual building is the Albert Community Centre. I noticed that there is a way to associate the group with the location, but I’d first like to make sure the building has it’s own name, and then associate this group with the location (without losing any of the information already included), as well as the dance group that also meets there which I’m a part of. I just want to make sure I handle this appropriately rather than adding a bunch of unnecessary duplicates in the map or something.

I also have to admit that I’m here because of PokemonGo (which is how I originally saw the error with that road being out of place).

Thanks for any advice and tips!

We are talking about: https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/54210631

This was done with Potlach 2. I thought that was uncommon as an editor these days. I seem to remember it is Flash based, which makes me difficult to dry run it, to work out out to make it start a new changeset. All I can say, for certain, is that if you wait about an hour, the changeset will get closed automatically, so it will be impossible to add to it. However, this may help: https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/1895/how-to-close-a-changeset-in-potlatch-2

I couldn’t identify the community hall you mentioned, but I would note that “Park including Ball Diamond and Disc Golf” is an improbable name for a park. This information should probably be in the description tag. I suspect the building named Community Hall, in the park, is also not really named that, but simply an, un-named, community hall.

Note that there is a specific tag for community centres: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity=community%20centre?uselang=en-GB You will also need a building tag.

OSM isn’t really a business directory and I would suggest that it is inappropriate to map an organisation that shares a building for only one or two hours a week.

The only problem we have with Pokemon Go is when people map fictitious information to attract Pokemons.

In the editor that you’re using if you press “c” it’ll close the current set of changes (which your original comment applied to) and the next time you try and save, you’ll be asked again for a new comment.

If you’re worried that your comment on https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/54210631 doesn’t fully describe what you did, you can go to that URL and type something in the comment box that explains what else was changed. That second comment will be visible when someone goes to that page in the future.

Oh - and welcome to OSM!

Thanks very much for the replies!

I had trouble getting iD to open. It seemed to be just a spinning wheel, which is why I turned to Potlach. I didn’t realize it was an older editor. I’ll try iD again and see if I have better luck. The “c” trick should come in handy though.

So yes, because it lumped all the edits into one changeset, the one you were looking at, hadw, was 200km north of my original problem with the road going through the park and the Community Centre. But I appreciate the input on those areas as well. I’ll correct them as soon as I get back to my computer.

The Community Centre in question is (hopefully) at this link: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/52.11931/-106.64504

So, the actual name of the building is Albert Community Centre. So do I need to get in contact with whomever added it as a Synagogue before making the change? Is there a proper way of handling this sort of situation?


I’m not sure if synagogues are consecrated in the way that churches are, but if so, I would find out the extent of the consecrated part and draw that as a separate way, with no building tag. I’m assuming the consecrated part would be exclusive to the synagogue.

If that is not the case, you need to contact the original mapper, but they may be hard to convince. See if someone else backs me up here, and point them to the discussion if they do. Note that tae-kwon class, badminton class, knitting circle, self defence class, etc. have a right to be mapped equally prominently if they are just time sharing the building, which will produce a cluttered map that soon gets out of date and which may get rendered with a random choice from hirers, in rendered maps.

Looking at the community association web site, it is possible the synagogue has the whole second floor, in which case map its own way, with a level=1 tag (British floor numbering). To preserve as much history as possible, make the building the new way. I’m only familiar with drawing a new way on same path as an existing one on JOSM, so can’t tell you how to do it on Potlach, and would have to try it myself, for iD. (If you have really good internal details, exclude the stairwell and lift shafts from the synagogue.

This sounds like it could be a known problem which affects older computers and/or computers with not a lot of RAM. It affected a few of us when iD went to 2.5.1 on the 15th of November. Most people, with newer computers, don’t have a problem.

There is an issue open on github about this (the developer changed the title to something that makes it look like it only affects Firefox on Linux but it seems to affect all OSes and browsers if your computer is old and slow): https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/4547.

If this is the problem affecting you, there’s a workaround. Go to help (the bottom one in the vertical array of tool icons at the right). Click on the walkthrough tutorial (icon of a pleated treasure map at the bottom of the help pane), exit the walkthrough with “Start Editing” (and the annoying 4 boxes you have to click away after that). If this is the problem you have, doing that will allow you to edit. The spinny thing will continue to spin, but the editor will work.