I'm lost help.

I’m trying to get an all UK map for use with my Garmin GPSMap 60csx. I downloaded the tiles and the program to assemble them. But all I’ve got is a folder of zip files. How do I get from there to a readable map for use with Mapsource?

These are the files I downloaded:



You got 3 versions of the same mapset for different purpose. The one you need are:
osm_routable_mapsource: To use the mapset in Mapsource
osm_routable_gmapsupp: To use as a precompiled mapset on your Garmin device (no Mapsource needed)

As you didn’t mention where you downloaded these files (there are many provider of Gamin-Maps based on OSM-Data) try to unzip osm_routable_gmapsupp. There should be a file gmapsup.img. Copy the file on the SD-Card of your Gamin-Device in the subfolder \garmin. Turn on you device and you should have your map.

Thank you very much. That’s very helpful. By ‘Garmin device’ do you mean my GPSmap 60csx or somewhere on my PC?

Your GPSmap.

Thanks. But how do I download into the GPSmap? How do I access the folder \garmin? I’ve been in every page I can find. As far as I can see no folders are shown. Could you be more specific. Thanks again.

I assume you have an MicroSD card inserted into the device. Then hookup the GPS-receiver with the supplied usb cable to the computer. Go into the menu of your gps device and select the mass-storage option. Now you can copy the gmapsum.img to your microSD card via your computer.

Aha. THANKS Michiel. Up popped the folder!

The manual actually says that selecting that option displays the Card info. It doesnt. It’s the ‘Menu’ button that displays the Card info.