If there is a difference between map and actual location.

Looking for a specific house on Old School Road, Alloa, Caledon, Peel Region, Ontario, Canada I discovered approx. 600 m difference between the actual location and the coordinates on the map. I simply added the correct address to the map. But, now there are two places with the same address. What is a proper way to fix such mistakes?
BTW, Google map shows correctly all buildings on this street. Just because Google has “Street view” of this area. Is it possible to somehow apply Google map data?

You added the housenumber 2285 here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4362961889

There was already a line of interpolated housenumbers, added by a mapper back in 2010. He/she put 2285 directly at the crossing NE from there. Such lines show approximate data and should be edited or split as soon as real housenumber positions are known.

I split that interpolation line at house 2285. As behind the crossing there is number 2501, I assumed there should be 2499 before the crossing. It should be OK now, please check.

And no, we don’t copy any data from Google. Only self-collected data please!