Idiot's guide

I have spent hours today trying to work out how to get maps onto my Garmin Oregon 200. Sadly my technical abilities have been found sadly lacking.

Is there anybody out there who is able and willing to explain to me in plain English how I go about doing this?

Many thanks


If you don’t want to crate your own Garmin maps, download one of the precompiled IMG-Files ( and save it to the Garmin-Folder on your SD-Card. That’s it. There might be some additional steps necessary like unzipping the downloaded IMG-File or creating a folder named “garmin” on the SD-Card…

I recently found a detailed forum post about how to get maps from a (my) specific website. It’s a little bit outdated though.

Thanks for the tips

did work for you? I’ve been using them for several months now with few complaints. I have an Oregon 400t. If you are still having difficulty I can help.