Identify different OAuth clients of the same application

the list at…/oauth_clients only shows application names. As I use the same application on multiple devices, it would be useful to be able to add a note/name to each entry to identify the device in case I want to revoke the applications of a specific device (because it’s no longer used/sold/lost/stolen/broken).

The flippant answer I suspect is “pull requests are welcome”!

I’m not aware of anyone actively maintaining the user-facing side of OpenStreetMap (there are a couple of people who do bits and pieces here and there). Because of this, there are many more ideas for “things that would be nice to do” than there are people to actually do them. There are a couple of solutions - one is to make the change yourself in a copy of the OSM website code and submit that as a change to the OSM website itself (though if you’re not familiar with that sort of development already that potentially quite difficult thing to do). Another would be to pay someone else to do it, and a third would be to vote for someone in the upcoming OSMF elections who promises to try and make the OSM website more actively supported than it is now (which means that at least there would be some chance of a change request being picked up).

In the meantime you can create an “issue” at to at least request the feature (if someone hasn’t done that already).

I appreciate that this might be a dispiriting answer to read, but when you look at you’re not looking at an ad-supported behemoth that tries to fleece you of your personal data at every turn, but something maintained and run entirely by volunteers - if someone makes a change, it’s because they want to do it, not because someone’s making them do it.