id uniqueness

Hi everyone!
I’m new here on the forum. I’m building an app for rendering osm files. There is a problem with id’s in osm file. Until recently all the node id’s were unique, but yesterday I downloaded fresh extracted map (from and there are multiple nodes with same id, just different version number. Is this a bug? Should there only be the latest version of every node or should I expect older versions as well? I’ve been working on this project for months and never had this problem until yesterday.
Edit: I’ve already fixed the problem caused by duplicated nodes, but it’s the ways that can cause problems if there are multiple versions of the same way in osm file.

It’s the first I’ve heard of it, but TomH said on IRC “as discussed on the mailing lists several times, it’s a known feature of the CM extracts that they sometimes have duplicate nodes”

Seems to be mentioned here including a patch to Osmosis to “flatten” the files.

There are other extract servers which might be better

Thank you for the answer. So it is a bug…