iD left button, JOSM right button, I'm going crazy

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I use JOSM.
On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I use iD.
One is “right hand drive”. (I mean it uses the right mouse button instead of the left to do the same operation…)
One is “left hand drive”.
The next day I end up messing things up…
in fact it seems to have affected my use of any map…

What do the pros do?

OK I admit I am 57 years old.
If my difficulties are due to old age well then I suppose I should face the facts and get out of the mapping business.

It is amazing how long the effects last… and is quite distressing.

I guess I now know why I don’t use iD very often and stick with JOSM. :slight_smile:

But I’m a bit older than you so I guess I have a better excuse about “muscle memory” being hard to change on a daily basis. (I can’t count the times I’ve done some vi editor keyboard commands into a different editor that had no clue what to do with them. And I’m not a pro vi editor user, just use it enough to get by if I’m remotely connected to something that doesn’t have a GUI.)

Seriously, what is the reason for switching editors on a daily basis? I know I couldn’t deal with that even when I was much younger.

I love JOSM … except for that.
I hate JOSM … because of that.

If there’s any way to make JOSM map its buttons like almost any other app in the world, and get rid of that useless right-click menu that keeps popping up when I forget where I am, well, I wish I’d have discovered it years ago.

Left-click-and-drag ==> pan
Right-click-and-drag ==> select
Could’ve made sense.

I am one who has also had difficulty with the fact that JOSM uses the right mouse button to pan the view. The remedy for that is simple. Pick an editor, stick with it until you get used to it. After moving to JOSM from Potlatch years ago, I now use JOSM exclusively and cannot understand why anyone uses Potlatch, or iD, for that matter. Both feel clunky and underpowered compared to JOSM. Sure, occasionally when I jump into Garmin’s Basecamp or some other program I try to scroll with the right mouse button. It’s a bit of a PITA but IMO a small price to pay for using this excellent tool.

Disclaimer: I’m 74 years old.

Thanks. Some tasks are more suited to one, some to the other, so I
thought it was OK to switch back and forth.

But now that doing that is messing up my use of all mapping web sites
alas I must stop.

Just as we are used to QWERTY keyboards, I would see little benefit to
“add some variety” at this late stage of the (life) game.

And the more I do web searches about the muscle memory you mentioned,
the more I see worrisome details of possible “permanent damage.”

Therefore I will hereby curtail my use a certain powerful OSM editor,
until someone comes up with an emulation mode that emulates all the
other web mapping applications’ right/left choice.

I was originally going to spend a lot of time to master it. But
continued use is affecting me, in terms of what happens when I later use
any of its “competitors”.

Yes I could tell right away that that certain OSM editor was the most powerful one I ever encountered. In fact an entire GIS replacement for me.
Alas, in my part of the world one still occasionally uses “Google Maps” etc. and now I can’t use it! (As well as before.) (Because certain aforementioned powerful program has reprogrammed my brain.)

For a simple workaround, you can use Ctrl + arrows to move the viewport in JOSM.

I was hoping to still be able to use the mouse.